Welcome to EverydayHealthGirl.com! My name is Becki, and I put together this website as a way to help people understand how much our food affects our everyday living. Eating is such a central part of our society, so it is very important to understand how food affects our bodies so that we can make informed choices about what we eat for each meal.

I am currently 30 years old, and spent a good portion of my 20’s studying nutrition and health… I have read everything that I can get my hands on relating to eating and how food affects the body.

What I teach here is not a “diet,” it is actually a healthy lifestyle that can be implemented indefinitely. There are no periods of starvation or overworking yourself with too much exercise, instead we will be focusing on obtaining optimal health through making healthy choices everyday.

You will be learning to create habits that will nourish your body… which will in turn help you to gain more energy, lose weight, and live a more fulfilled life. You will be amazed at the changes that will take place, some of the benefits include: better digestion, a decrease in junk food cravings, healthier skin tone, weight loss, and more.

This eating program is designed to be easily implemented into your busy lifestyle and it also focuses on shopping frugally so that you don’t break the bank with your new grocery shopping list. It is not a “fad” diet which requires you to spend hours on end in the kitchen or pay lots of money to get the latest-and-greatest pill that will help you to lose weight. It makes me sad to see people pulled into those online schemes– I am determined to provide good content that will help you to literally change your life.

Take some time to browse the pages of this website, you will find lots of free information that will help you to create healthier habits. I have information for people of all levels of knowledge, so don’t worry if you are just starting your healthy eating journey. You will have access to tips and tricks for the newbies and the healthy eating veterans, my goal is to provide resources to help everyone improve their daily health regardless of their current eating habits.

Here are a few great resources that you should check out:

1. Read my story here and learn a little more about why I decided to start this website. I have studied health and nutrition to improve my own health, and I quickly found that many friends, family members, and neighbors started asking me for advice on their nutrition. Many people WANT to improve their eating, but they don’t know how. This website is designed to teach you the things that I have learned in my research and studying.

I teach people how to understand the way our bodies are designed to eat– our modern diet (also known as the Standard American Diet) is full of processed food and chemicals that are void of nutrients. EverydayHealthGirl.com takes it back to the basics, focusing on the nutrient value of food so that you will feel nourished and well.

2. Visit my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to learn more about my food values and also get past some of the most common excuses people make about eating healthy. Many people are confused and frustrated by the conflicting information about health and nutrition, and this website will help you to learn the REAL truth behind eating and why it is important to focus our food intake on whole, unprocessed foods.

3. I also have a Blog which is updated regularly. My blog is a place where I post information about the nutritional value of food, debunk common myths people have about nutrition, and teach the things that I have learned over the years.

4. Check out the Products I Recommend page to find reviews on kitchen tools that will help to cut back on your food preparation time. We are all busy, and it is necessary to have food preparation time be fast and easy, and there are a few simple tools that will assist you in your food preparation such as a blender, dehydrator, and food processor.

The Products I Recommend section also contains book reviews for my favorite food and nutrition books. There are some great titles that will help you to expand your knowledge about following a whole foods eating plan.

5. My email newsletter is stuffed full of helpful tips to guide you through healthy meal planning, healthy snacks, and steps that you can take to improve your daily habits. Make sure that you sign up for the newsletter, because it contains free, exclusive information that is not available here on the website. When you signup, you will receive a 23 page Quick Start Guide to help you get started in the right direction. You can signup here:

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