Here’s my story about how I began my journey to a healthier lifestyle….

8 years ago, I was in my early 20’s and I appeared to be fairly healthy and active. Most people considered me skinny and even though I looked healthy, I really wasn’t– I had gained an extra 10 pounds in college and my real problems were in the fact that I felt SICK! I started having major digestive problems, my skin began to break out, I was always tired, and I had junk food cravings every day. I felt yucky!

I dealt with those issues for several years, assuming that it was just something that I needed to “put up” with. I thought that I had been cursed with a lifetime of mediocre health and that was just what happens as you get older.

After a few years I was tired of feeling sick all the time, so I decided that I would go to a specialist to see if I could find a solution to my digestion problems. They did some testing, and couldn’t come to any conclusions so I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome– which I later found out tends to be an umbrella diagnosis for bowel problems that cannot be tied to any other condition. The doctor gave me 2 prescriptions and sent me home.

The idea of popping pills everyday was not appealing to me, but I was desperate to find some relief and I didn’t know of any other solutions that would help me feel better. So I started my regimen of medication. I took my pills every day as prescribed and they helped a little bit– but I began to experience other side effects as a result of the medications.

I was frustrated and confused. Why was I feeling so terrible? And did I really have to take medication every day for the rest of my life? It just didn’t make sense…

I was fearful to go back to the doctor again, because he told me that if my first round of prescriptions didn’t work then there were several other medications we could try. I didn’t want to go through different dosages and formulas to see if we could fix the problem, because I felt like we were temporarily treating the symptoms instead of treating the root of the problem.

Eventually I stopped taking the medication and decided that I would not go back to the doctor because I was fearful that he would just prescribe more medication. At that point, I began my quest to discover HOW food affected the body and I started to research what I needed to do to achieve health through food choices. I read every nutrition book that I could get my hands on. I poured through research and studies that could find and searched the internet for any information on the topic.

I found a lot of information out there, and as I researched I began to discover that there was a lot of contradicting advice out there. But, my instinct was telling me that I needed to get back to eating food in it’s natural form– the human body was meant to consume natural food and not man-made synthetic food and chemicals.

I started to experiment with the food that I was eating and I also started using natural remedies (such as essential oils and herbal supplements), and I figured out that certain types of food affected me in different ways. It was a slow process of experimenting in the beginning, but I decided that I needed to learn everything I could about healthy eating so that I could live life to the fullest.

As I transitioned to a whole foods diet, my eyes were quickly opened to the power contained in a daily lifestyle of healthy eating… I lost weight, my skin cleared up, and I began to have more energy. I felt wonderful!

My husband also experienced similar results. When we fully committed to eating a plant-based, whole foods diet he began to lose weight– within the first 4 months he lost 30 pounds just by changing our eating habits, he wasn’t even exercising! Also, his lifetime struggle with skin problems began to go away and he felt GREAT!

I am now 30, and it is amazing how much better my health is compared to 8 years ago. I have discovered some incredible information and spent hours reading, studying, and researching nutrition and health. The results that I have found are shocking:

Most common ailments can be easily cured by eating a whole foods diet!

As I continued my study about nutrition and health, I read stories of people who were able to stop taking medications for diabetes, high cholesterol, digestion problems, and countless other diseases. I found people who have lost weight and gained back the energy that they lost years ago. I also discovered that life-threatening conditions such as cancer, heart disease and obesity can be avoided by eating a whole foods diet.

This information was intriguing to me, and I realized that the majority of our society does not understand the health implications of how food affects us. Our food industry is focused more on business and money, and not on health.

I also realized that in order for people to learn about health and wellness, they needed a good source of compiled information– because not everyone has time to sort through the vast amounts of available information to discover the truth.

So, I made it my quest to teach others about the truth in healthy eating. It is my personal mission to help you understand how exactly food will affect you, why you should focus on eating a diet of whole foods, and learn to make changes in your life to feel better every day.

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