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Food Pyramid is Replaced with a Plate Image

Tweet Written by Becki Andrus Yesterday, it was announced that the USDA food pyramid is being replaced with an image called “MyPlate” which shows a dinner plate divided out with the various food groups that are recommended. I would love to see people learn more about nutrition and health (which is why I started this […]

What If… (Some Food For Thought)

Tweet Written By Becki Andrus What if… everyone drastically cut back on the amount of fast food that they ate? Would the fast food establishments start serving healthier plant-based, whole foods menu options (that are REALLY healthy, and not pretending to be healthy)? What if… everyone focused their grocery shopping on the produce and whole […]

Reactive vs. Proactive Eating

Tweet There are 2 strategies that people take in regards to eating, and most people don’t actually realize that they are choosing either strategy: 1. Reactive eating. Making irrational food choices based on emotions or feelings, choosing food options because they want to feel good. One of the definitions for reactive is “occurring as a […]

A Winning Strategy For Your Grocery Shopping Trip

Tweet Written by Becki Andrus It is easy to be laid back about our eating habits, and rationalize that our food habits don’t really matter. In our world of convenience food, we can fall back on pre-packaged foods, drive thrus, and other snacks that can hardly qualify as “food.” Most of the food industry is […]

Healthy Eating vs. Real Life: What’s Your Strategy?

Tweet One of the most difficult aspects of starting a healthy eating plan is figuring out how to balance healthy eating with real life. Ideally, we would like to only eat healthy foods all the time.. but the reality is that there are lots of unhealthy foods available to tempt you wherever you go. If […]

Why Raw Fruits & Veggies are Superior to Cooked Fruits & Veggies

Tweet Believe it or not, raw fruits and vegetables are more healthy compared to cooked produce. There are so many benefits to eating raw plant based foods, here are a few reasons why these foods support a healthy lifestyle: Raw fruits and vegetables are live plants, they contain enzymes that assist your body with the […]

Straight Talk About Healthy Eating

Tweet Our world is constantly bombarded with information about what we should be eating, how products can help us, and the latest and greatest thing that will make us feel great. It can be confusing to make food choices, especially when there is so much conflicting information out there! If you take a little bit […]

How To Make Healthy Food Choices Everyday

Tweet Food-related choices are a daily occurrence, every day we need to eat (obviously, LOL!) and so everyday we need to decide WHAT we are going to eat. Our choices are much more complex in our modern world of processed foods… we have grocery store aisles full of man-made foods and we also have grocery […]

Busy? Tips for Eating Whole Foods and Managing a Busy Life

Tweet Our modern world keeps us busy from sun-up to sun-down.  From traffic to meetings to getting family to where they need to be most people hardly have time to rest.  Because of this busy lifestyle many people don’t eat as healthy as they need to; finding it easier to go through the drive through […]

High Nutrient vs. High Calories… Which is Better?

Tweet All foods contain calories, but does every calorie contain the same amount of nutrients? No! If you want to improve your health, it is essential that you start focusing on the nutrient value of foods. Calories are still important, but in my opinion nutrient density is more important. Nutrient density can be determined by […]