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Is That Food Really Healthy, Or Just Pretending To Be Healthy?

Tweet Modern day marketing by the food industry has caused quite a bit of confusion about what types of foods are really healthy, and which foods are only marketed as healthy. As you walk down the grocery store aisles, it is easy to see that there are many health claims on the boxes of the […]

The Truth About “All Natural” Foods

Tweet Written by Becki Andrus In my last blog post, I talked about the deceiving messages that are found on pre-packed food items, and today we are going to go into a little more detail about foods that are marked as “All Natural.” There are many products listed as “All Natural,” and companies use this […]

Why Sugar-Free Health Products Are Deceiving You

Tweet Another type of deceiving “healthy” food label is “sugar free.” These foods are marketed as healthier options because they don’t contain sugar, however many of them are filled with ingredients that are much more harmful than sugar. Don’t misunderstand me, because sugar should be minimized as much as possible. It decreases the effectiveness of […]

A Winning Strategy For Your Grocery Shopping Trip

Tweet Written by Becki Andrus It is easy to be laid back about our eating habits, and rationalize that our food habits don’t really matter. In our world of convenience food, we can fall back on pre-packaged foods, drive thrus, and other snacks that can hardly qualify as “food.” Most of the food industry is […]

5 Ways To Eat Less Processed Foods

Tweet One of the biggest challenges to following a whole foods eating plan lies in the fact that there are so many unhealthy food options available! Most grocery stores have MORE processed/refined food choices than whole foods. This blog post is designed to help you be successful as you are cutting out the processed foods […]

How To Read Nutrition Labels

Tweet To some, the label on the side or back of a food package is a foreign language. They may understand the words and numbers, but not what they mean to their own life and how they apply in relation to the food product. Often people barely take the time to read and consider the […]

Why You Should Avoid Eating Highly Processed Foods

Tweet Our world of modern convenience food is full of cheap, tasty processed foods. It’s everywhere you go– parties, restaurants, school lunches, etc. Grocery stores are comprised of mostly boxed, canned, and highly processed foods. Companies who process their foods do it for one reason: it’s cheap to produce! Usually, the ingredients that are used […]