The Difference Between Lifestyle Changes & Dieting

One of the biggest reasons that people fail in their long-term weight loss goals is this: they are focusing on a temporary diet instead of making lifestyle changes. The mentality between a diet vs. a lifestyle change is huge– someone going on a diet is choosing their food based on how they want to look physically, it is a temporary fix and there is usually a deadline associated with the diet.

For example, a person might decide to go on a crash diet in order to look skinny in her swimsuit during the upcoming vacation. Or she might choose to cut back on calories until the baby weight comes off. Many times these diets cycle– once the goal is met, the person will allow themselves to start slipping on their food choices. And before they know it they are right back to where they started, which prompts them to begin another diet.

To make matters worse, many of these crash diets are very unhealthy. They starve your body of nutrients, which will cause you to initially lose weight but then you will hit a plateau. Often, that weight will come back more quickly because the body is in shock from the way it has been treated. It is not uncommon for someone to actually gain MORE weight after a crash diet.

On the other hand, a lifestyle change focuses on health and nutrition. The person is looking at the inward benefits of eating well (health, energy, avoid disease, etc), and therefore they are more likely to implement the changes long-term. Choosing to eat foods that contain high amounts of nutrients will help you to feed your body what it needs, and most people experience weight loss naturally!

Choosing an inward motivation rather than an outward motivation is much more effective in creating healthy eating habits, because a lifestyle change is something permanent. It’s changing the way you live your everyday life and keeping it like this long-term. You need something that you can follow for life, that will make you feel good and is easy to implement.

The way you think of your new healthy eating and exercise plan is crucial. Don’t call it a diet. Call it a lifestyle change, and choose to think about how you are respecting and nourishing your body through your food choices. This will help you to create healthy, daily habits and you will also find that you can reach your long-term weight loss goals.

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