Eating Healthy: Green Smoothies

If you are considering a healthy all-natural diet and not sure of how to make the transition – consider trying green smoothies to start. I know it sounds kinda funny to think about, the first time I heard of a green smoothie I thought that there was no way I would ever drink that, LOL! But, I was willing to taste it… and the smoothie was delicious!

Green smoothies are tasty blends of leafy vegetables and fruit. They are easy to prepare, chock-full of all the important nutrients and are a great way to up your intake of greens considerably.

We all know that we should be consuming lots of serving per day of green leafy vegetables, but most persons find that they simply abhor eating vegetables, especially in large quantities.

The secret to eating adequate greens can be found in consuming green smoothies.

Taste Factor

It usually takes some time to ‘warm’ up to the idea of consuming blended greens. But not to worry – they do taste divine, I kid you not! Green smoothies a largely made of any type of fruit such as raspberries, bananas, oranges, strawberries, etc.

The fruit masks the taste of the greens within the beverage, neutralizes any bitterness and adds the sweet factor. That is way they happen to taste so good. Nevertheless, it is the addition of  healthy green vegetables which really boosts the nutrition factor.

Making Tasty Smoothies

The only tool required for making smoothies is a high-powered blender. Regular, low cost blenders will not be able to function as efficiently and will quickly burn out if your habit becomes a daily one – which it will! I burned out several blenders before I finally decided to buy a BlendTec. However, for starters, you can use what you have until you can purchase a new one.

If you are using a regular blender, you may want to consider chopping the ingredients prior to adding them to the blender, otherwise you might put too much strain on your blender. It also may be a good idea to blend in portions – blend half of the fruits and greens first, then add the remaining portion and blend again

Here goes:

Fill your blender with approximately four (4) cups of water. Add several heaping handfuls greens to the blender and blend on high speed, until there are no leaf chunks left. I suggest that you start with mild tasting greens such as spinach and kale. Then add your fruit – mango, bananas, apples, berries, etc – they can be used together, feel free to experiment with different fruit variations.

Fruit is usually sufficient to sweeten the smoothie, but you can add in Stevia as a natural sweetener if you need to sweeten it even more.

Blend again until smooth. Serve and drink fresh.

While there is certainly no hard and fast rule about making a green smoothie, there are certain greens such as kale, chard, lettuce which lend themselves well to the process. Frozen fruits are especially good in green smoothies, particularly when the weather is warm. You may also add ice cubes if you so desire.

Green smoothies are a complete meal! I have a quart of green smoothie every morning, and some days I will even have more with lunch or dinner. It is a great way to give your body a boost of nutrients and energy, and you will find that your cravings will begin to decrease because your body is being fed the nutrients that it needs.

Numerous green smoothie drinkers have reported drastic improvement in their health; most have experienced lower blood pressure, regular bowel movements, disappearance of shin blemishes as well as fewer asthma attacks and weight loss.

Green smoothies are absolutely delicious, give them a try – you will be pleasantly surprised!

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