Straight Talk About Healthy Eating

Our world is constantly bombarded with information about what we should be eating, how products can help us, and the latest and greatest thing that will make us feel great. It can be confusing to make food choices, especially when there is so much conflicting information out there!

If you take a little bit of time to watch the commercials during prime-time television you will see that the marketing messages are trying to convince us to eat so many different types of food for health, enjoyment, and so many other emotional reasons that they try to tap into.

We face food choices everywhere that we go: the grocery store, fast food establishments, parties and get-togethers, family events, upscale restaurants, etc.

The purpose of is to help people understand HOW food affects them, so that they have the ability to make good choices in these different situations. I hope that this information will encourage people all around the world to make small, incremental steps in the right direction.

It is necessary to spend a little bit of time learning about how our modern, processed food affect us. Our health is one of the most important aspects of our life, without health nothing else matters! I am striving to make this website and email newsletter a source of compiled health information that I have studied and researched, to help you make informed decisions about your health.

Study after study has shown that eating more plant based foods can help to improve health in multiple ways, and I hope that this website offers people the encouragement that they need to make small changes everyday to include more healthy food into their everyday lifestyle.

I realize that there are people from a variety of backgrounds, and everyone has their own eating preferences. Each person needs to decide on the best eating habits for themselves and their family, and the way to make educated decisions is by learning more about food.

The information here on talks about eating whole foods, and I personally strive to focus my eating around fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts and seeds, and minimal amounts of animal protein. Through my countless hours of research and reading I have come to an understanding about how food really affects the human body, and by focusing my eating habits around whole foods I have found a drastic improvement in my health.

I’m not trying to convince people that they should never eat unhealthy food again. I’m not trying to get everyone out there to eat vegetarian. I’m not trying to tell you that you can never eat a candy bar again.

I personally am not a vegetarian, I eat processed foods sometimes, and I don’t consider my eating plan to be “perfect.” But, I am constantly focusing on improving my health through food, and the majority of the time I eat foods that heal and provide my body the nutrients that it needs.

Labels are the last thing that I want you to think about, because we don’t live in a black-and-white world. It’s not that simple!

Instead, I hope that my message encourages you to implement small changes in your life, to move towards healthier habits. Don’t feel overwhelmed about having to drastically change your lifestyle or start labeling yourself as a health nut. If you want that label, then go for it! But, it is important that you are making good decisions for your own personal situation and your family life.

Start out by making small changes, a little bit at a time: begin to add more fruits and vegetables into your meal planning, cut back on the processed foods that you eat, try to cut out the empty calorie treats that are full of refined sugars or high levels of sodium.

These small steps will lead you to a healthier lifestyle, and over time you will find yourself gravitating more to the healthier foods, you and will be able to feel the difference in your everyday health. It feels great to be healthy, embrace it and love the decisions that you are making!

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