Why Raw Fruits & Veggies are Superior to Cooked Fruits & Veggies

Believe it or not, raw fruits and vegetables are more healthy compared to cooked produce. There are so many benefits to eating raw plant based foods, here are a few reasons why these foods support a healthy lifestyle:

  • Raw fruits and vegetables are live plants, they contain enzymes that assist your body with the digestion process. When the foods are heated (and killed), some of the enzymes are killed and they are not as beneficial to your body.
  • Raw produce also contains higher levels of nutrition compared to cooked foods.
  • Eating foods that are low in enzymes (i.e. cooked) can burden your digestive system and major organs such as the pancreas. You body needs to provide the enzymes on it’s own to digest the food, and the body is limited in how much it can produce– which is why we need to supplement with foods that contain enzymes.
  • A lack of enzymes may lead to food allergies, heartburn, digestive problems, bloating and gas. Providing your body with the necessary enzymes through raw foods can reduce these symptoms.

Don’t take me wrong ANY type of fruit or vegetable (cooked or uncooked) is better than the processed, refined “foods” that you buy in a box. So, it is important to continue eating fruits and vegetables even if you prefer to cook them. But, start to be aware of how many raw fruits and vegetables you are eating, and make an effort to include more into your daily eating plan.

I try to eat raw produce with every meal, and many days my eating is 70-80% raw. Some of the easiest ways to do this include having a raw fruit/veggies smoothie every morning, always having fresh veggies cut in the fridge and ready to eat, and serving a big salad with almost every dinner.

Because these foods are lower in calories, I eat A LOT! Many times fruits and vegetables are associated with “diet” food, people also associate them with being unsatisfying and not filling. But, eating an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables every day will keep you satisfied as long as you are eating plenty of food. A small side salad is not going to be enough to fill you, you will need to increase your portions of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to fill your stomach.

One Note: If you associate raw foods with a gross taste, you are not alone! YES they will taste gross if you compare the taste to the chemical/sugar/fat laden processed foods that many people eat every day. Obviously a candy bar will have more taste compared to a cucumber slice! 😉

But, as you begin to eat more fruits and vegetables (and less junk food) you will find that your taste buds will change over time. When I first started following a whole foods eating plan, I did not think that vegetables tasted very good! Boy, have my tastes changed, and many times I find myself craving the healthy, nutrient-filled foods because I know that the junk food will make me feel sick.

So don’t give up after eating a single snack of fruits and veggies, because it takes some time to form habits and allow your tastes to adjust to your new eating plan. Stick with it, and you will find that over time you will be happier and healthier as you eat more live foods.

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One Response to “Why Raw Fruits & Veggies are Superior to Cooked Fruits & Veggies”

  1. Love this post- it’s so true, you end up with cravings for the healthy food instead of the bad stuff- I always crave a yummy crunchy salad- daily- and more than once in a day! I also eat 70-80% raw with the alkaline diet and it has changed my life! Hats off to you!