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Before I purchased a BlendTec Total Blender I was just using a basic $20 blender– it was actually a hand-me-down from a friend who didn’t use it. At the time, the $20 blender was sufficient for what I needed it for… because it basically just sat in my cupboard collecting dust. I pulled it out every now and then to make sugar-filled smoothies, but that was it. At the time, I wasn’t eating a whole food diet because I hadn’t learned about it yet, so I was still living my “former life” of the Standard American Diet. 🙂

When I decided to start changing my eating habits (you can read my story here), one of the first steps I took was to make a green smoothie every morning. So, my un-used $20 blender was very quickly promoted from the cupboard to the counter.

To make a long story short… I figured out that the cheap blender did a mediocre job at blending down the greens and it could not handle frozen fruit. I had to run the blender on several cycles and only make small batches at a time, and there were still small chunks of fruits and veggies left in the smoothie. And because I was pushing the blender so hard, I burned through 3 cheap blenders!

We thought about spending the money to get a heavy-duty blender, but money was tight at the time so I kept working with the cheap blenders to try to make it work. Until one day when I experienced the BlendTec in real life…

I was over at a friend’s house and she was using a BlendTec to make a smoothie, and I was completely AMAZED at the power of that blender! She didn’t have to spend time chopping vegetables, instead she just threw everything in and 60 seconds later it came out with a yummy, smooth texture that I loved!

After seeing how well the BlendTec performed, I immediately went home and started trying to convince my husband that we needed to get a BlendTec… and he eventually agreed because he knew that our blenders didn’t have a long life in my kitchen. It made more sense to pay more upfront in order to get a good blender that would last us for many years.

I have not regretted my BlendTec purchase, it is the most-loved (and most-used) appliance in my kitchen! It is used everyday to make smoothies, dips, salsa, soups, batters, grind seeds and grains, homemade ice cream, etc.

Here is my top 10 list of reasons why I love my BlendTec:
1. My smoothies are so smooth and creamy, there are no surprise chunks in my drink.
2. No need to chop up fruits and veggies first… I can throw in whole carrots, apples, flax seeds, etc and they all blend nicely into the smoothies
3. The BlendTec can make soup WITHOUT a stove. You simply throw in the ingredients and push a button, and your soup comes out piping hot and ready to eat.
4. It has 17 pre-programmed settings, so all you have to do it push a button to start the right setting.
5. The BlendTec’s smoothie setting rotates between high and low speeds, which allows all of the chunks in the smoothie to be pulled down to the bottom & be blended up.
6. The square jar design is nice because it is easy to scrape out the contents from the bottom.
7. I can grind flax seeds, grains, beans, etc in my BlendTec– which eliminates the need to have a separate grinder.
8. The BlendTec size is fairly compact, I actually take it with me when I travel!
9. Frozen fruit is not a problem in a smoothie, I can take the fruit straight from the freezer and put it into my smoothie, and 60 seconds later I have a fresh drink ready to go.
10. It is a very durable blender and it comes with a warranty. I have not had any problems with my blender, it has run perfectly from day 1– and I do not expect it to die on me anytime soon.

Click here to learn more about the BlendTec Blender.

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