The Best Source of Dietary Fiber

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We know that fiber is necessary for a healthy diet, and it has been proven that there are many benefits from eating fiber on a regular basis. Now, the question is this: HOW do you get enough fiber every day?

Most people will turn to man-made, chemical solutions to try to solve their health problems. There are many fiber supplements available at the grocery store and drug store. You can get stool softeners and laxatives from your doctor. These types of products will temporarily give you relief from uncomfortable symptoms, but they do not solve the problem!

If you want a healthy digestive tract, it is necessary to eat natural, plant-based foods that are high in fiber. Implementing these foods into your daily lifestyle will promote health and you will feel the benefits over time. Here are some ideas of high-fiber foods that you can eat:

1. Beans are a great way to fill up and improve your health. They contain high amounts of fiber, and beans are also a great source of protein if you are on a lot-animal product diet.

2. Whole grains, such as bran, oatmeal, and shredded wheat. Many whole grains contain a good amount of bulk that will help to keep your colon healthy.

3. Green vegetables are a great source of fiber, plus they are pack full of nutrients and antioxidants. Stuff yourself full of green vegetables and your digestive system will love you for it!

4. Nuts are another good source of fiber, I suggest that you eat raw nuts whenever possible. Always make sure that your nuts do not have any added oils or salt!

5. Fruits have fiber as well. If you want to have fruit, it is better to eat the whole fruit instead of simple drinking the juice. Fruit juice has been stripped of the fiber, so eating the fruit in it’s natural form will allow you to gain the benefits of the nutrients and the fiber at the same time.

As you increase your fiber intake, it is absolutely necessary that you also drink a lot of water. Your body needs the water to function properly and also to help the fiber move along your digestive tract.

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